Anne Augustine


Profile 2I am driven by purposeful systems change and developing the leadership capacity of the people who help make this happen. I draw on relational psychology, social innovation, and design thinking, as well as more than 25 years experience. My international background includes working in information technology, sustainability and economic development. Roles have varied from strategic consulting to business development and programme delivery; from analyst to VP and board member; and with organisations ranging from social ventures, to public institutions and global multinationals.

I decided to re-train as an organisational consultant because it seemed to me that the ‘soft stuff’ was actually the hardest stuff to work with. It’s the stuff that matters to me most. I have always been drawn to people, deepening relationships and connectedness; how we find meaning through work and why we can’t be fully, imperfectly, human in the workplace. And I want the organisations that are leading the shift to a purpose-led economy to be totally fit for that purpose by helping them make sense of the inevitable dynamics of making tough leadership decisions, being in teams and working with others.

I trained in leadership, organisational behaviour and group dynamics at the Tavistock, the Institute of Psychiatry and the Saïd Business School. I am a certified senior practitioner in Executive Coaching, am accredited to use a range of psychometric instruments, hold a certificate in Group Facilitation from ICA:UK and am working towards a certificate in Groupwork from the Gestalt Centre. I am a Fellow of the RSA, a Principal Practitioner member of the Association for Business Psychology, a member of the UK Sociodrama and Creative Action Network, and an Associate of the Organisation for Promoting the Understanding of Society. I am also a published business writer and researcher.

These diverse experiences give me a distinctive and empathic insight that clients find valuable. I know what it’s really like on a day to day basis. I am able to work across boundaries – whether they are functional, organisational, or cultural; to seek out and translate diverse viewpoints; and to explore questions from commercial, societal and psychological perspectives. And most importantly, to work with the counter intuitive, the complex and the messy that is the fabric of real organisational life.