In any consultancy engagement, expertise and insight is shared between you the client and me as your consultant. For that reason, I prefer to think of our work together as a partnership, where we are both invested in its success.

The services are designed for teams and groups that want to work on the parallel tasks of leading in complexity, improving performance, or strategy and planning; as well as making sense of the underlying group and system dynamics and how they show up in the workplace.

The theme or goal of our work together can include:

  • Planning for and navigating change and uncertainty
  • Developing leadership skills and capacity
  • Developing team, group and board effectiveness
  • Nurturing a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Supporting growing teams to scale their culture, values and purpose
  • Helping to identify and resolve difficulties in achieving the organisational task
  • Defining and/or integrating purpose into organisational strategy and design
  • Working across organisational, sectoral or societal boundaries to develop partnerships.

Work may involve one or two, or a series of meetings; workshop facilitation or other events; working with groups and inter-group relations; undertaking action research and interviews; developing reports and bids; or other services for your organisation’s needs.