Our services are designed for teams, groups and organisations that believe insight into group dynamics – in addition to performing the task at hand – can make a significant contribution to the design, performance and healthy development of organisational life.

The theme or content of our work can include:

  • Defining and/or integrating purpose into organisational strategy and design
  • Planning for and navigating change and uncertainty
  • Developing adaptive leadership skills and capacity
  • Developing team, group and board effectiveness
  • Nurturing a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Supporting growing teams to scale their culture, values and purpose
  • Clarifying team roles and working relationships
  • Helping to identify difficulties in achieving the organisational task
  • Working across organisational, sectoral or societal boundaries to develop partnerships

Work may involve one or two, or a series of meetings; facilitating a day workshop or other event; working with groups and inter-group relations; undertaking research and interviews; developing reports and bids; or other jointly agreed services tailored to the nature of the organisation’s needs:

  • Research / Insights
  • Report Writing
  • Strategy / Away Days
  • Thinking Partnerships
  • Group Coaching
  • Training / Workshops
  • Process Consulting