I have experience with clients in the following sectors:

  • Knowledge businesses:  tech companies, startups and academic institutions
  • Purpose-led organisations:  charities, benefit corporations and social enterprises
  • Public bodies: local authorities, public services and local enterprise partnerships

Michelle Vickers, Head of Fundraising for a national charity, gave the following testimonial for our work together:

Anne facilitated an ‘All Colleague’ training day for us on developing values and behaviours for the organisation. This was not something we had focused on in the past and I think it was fair to say we had a few mountains to climb.

From pre-sessions with Senior Management and focus groups, to the actual day itself, Anne gently coaxed us through the process, which at times was quite difficult. Colleagues were comforted by having a confidential ‘ear’ to listen to them.

“Being able to share with Anne my honest thoughts and feelings, was such a relief. Knowing that these would be fed back anonymously into the process of developing our behaviours and values was empowering.”

Anne has the ability to focus in on the real issues and to deliver in a manner which includes everyone on the journey. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Over the years I have worked with National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, Low Carbon Hub, Reputation Leaders, Chivas Venture, Oxford University, Cambridge University, London Business School, Imperial College London, CAFOD, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Workforce Scotland and Partners for Change, among others.