Alterar Consulting, led by me, Anne Augustine, offers facilitation, coaching and consultancy to help leadership and organisations be fit for their purpose.

Purposeful organisations know they have a reason for being, beyond making a profit. Research shows that such organisations are better at serving their customers; engaging their colleagues; are more innovative, sustainable and profitable. Purposeful firms are more important than ever.

A purposeful organisation requires a different kind of leadership, collaboration and strategic direction, to create the conditions for innovation, creativity and meaningful change. Creating these conditions can take time and significant commitment of organisational resources.

What makes Alterar different is how I pay attention to the complex human dynamics in organisations as well as the more practical structures, strategies and plans. I believe that by working with the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of change and getting stuff done as well as the ‘why’, leaders are better able to navigate ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty; and to become more effective by choosing to focus on what really serves their purpose.