Purposeful organisations know they have a reason for being, beyond making a profit. Research shows that purposeful organisations are better at serving their customers, engaging their colleagues, and are more innovative. But many organisations are still not embracing this vision. The impact of this can be seen in the news every day. It is deeply felt by individuals and teams whose agency, well-being and creativity is being stifled.

A purposeful organisation emerges from a process of reflection, conversation and transformation. This requires a different kind of leadership, collaboration and strategic direction, to drive meaningful change.

Alterar Consulting, led by Anne Augustine, offers facilitation and consultancy to help people and organisations be fit for their purpose.

I help organisations (re)discover their purpose and support them in adapting to achieve purpose-driven goals. What makes Alterar different is how I pay attention to the complex human dynamics in organisations as well as the more practical structures, strategies and plans. I believe that by working with the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of getting stuff done as well as the ‘why’, people are better able to navigate ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty; and to become more effective by choosing to focus on what really serves their purpose.

Do you want to lead a purposeful organisation? Do you want your organisation to make an impact on society, not just the bottom line? Then get in touch.