Alterar Consulting is a mission-led and independent consulting firm that offers coaching, facilitation and consultancy to help people and organisations be fit for their purpose.

Our services combine organisational strategy, culture and values, with people and performance. What makes us different is how we pay attention to the stuff ‘under the surface’ – the complex human dynamics of organisations – as well as structures, strategies and plans (and their impact). We think that by working systemically with ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ data, people are better able to navigate to ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty; and to become more resilient and creative by choosing to focus on what really matters for them.

What makes us really different are our values: we only work with clients where we think we can genuinely be useful. We take a partnership approach to our work – recognising the expertise and insight of both you the client and us as consultants. And most importantly, we are passionate about working with organisations that have or want to discover their purpose beyond profit.

Why not get in touch and tell us what your organisation or team is working to achieve?